Why Granbury Is Up and Coming in the Texas Real Estate Market

Texas is an attractive state to live in for both the young looking for career opportunities and retirees. It is a very tax-friendly state with no state property or income tax. The benefit of such a large state is all of the different options for home life. Whether it’s a beautiful apartment in the metro area, […]

Benefits of Buying Waterfront Properties in the Granbury Area

Did you know that the sale price of a home in the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth MSA has increased over 86% in the last 6 years, while the average price of a waterfront home in the United States has decreased by 8% during the same period? The appreciation of waterfront homes in Granbury has substantially exceeded the national average! […]

The Importance of a Home Inspection

The Importance of a Home Inspection Are you looking to sell your home or buy a new one? Here’s why you’ll need a home inspection to go through the process successfully. Keyword(s): home inspection Are you looking to buy a house? With the average house selling in about 17 days in this hot real estate […]

The Importance of a Home Warranty

The Importance of a Home Warranty A home warranty is important to protect yourself, your home, and your money. Here’s how a home warranty can help you out. Keyword(s): home warranty Looking to buy a home in the Granbury area? Want to arrive in your new living space with tranquility and the absence of worry? […]

Building a House vs Buying: What Are the Differences?

Building a House vs Buying: What Are the Differences? Are you interested in learning about the differences of building a house vs buying? Then check out this solid breakdown to see which is right for you. Keyword(s): building a house vs buying With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, no one was exactly sure how […]