How can we help you?

Granbury Realty is homegrown with international experience. Our agents and principals have over 2 billion dollars worth of experience in three countries and a dozen states. We know this country but more than anything we know Granbury, TX. We’ve lived here for 45 years. In that half century we’ve come to know every inch of this town.

For every real estate transaction you should hire a real estate agent, licensed in the estate of Texas or in the state where you are purchasing the property. We’ve have extensive training specifically related to your transactions plus we’ve have specific knowledge about the area the you are seeking. At Granbury Realty we understand Granbury, we understand the purchase process, the sales process and the leasing process, and again with over 2 billion dollars worth of experience we know what we are doing and we will get you the best deal that we can.

Granbury, TX has been consistently rated one of the top historical cities in the entire United States. It is situated on the Brazos River, where in 1969 they dammed up and created Lake Granbury. It is one of the leading school districts, it is one of the leading places to live, it’s a great recreational area with immediate access to the Dallas Fort Worth area and the DFW airport.

A prequalification letter and a preapproval letter are very similar. A prequalification letter shows the amount of money that you are qualified to purchase and to spend on a piece of real estate. Most people are currently using pre approval letters. Meaning your lenders looks at the property, and assuming it’s praised for the purchase price they will pre-approve you for that property at a set price.

Granbury Realty Specializes in residential properties and commercial properties in Hood County and surrounding counties. We have sold everything from multimillion dollar mansions on Lake Granbury, to single wide trailers on a single lot. We run the whole gambit of residential and commercial properties in Hood County. 

Yes, you can hire a real estate agent to help you lease a property, virtually everyday we are helping renters and landlords find properties to lease or find tenants for their property. 

Yes, the broker Granbury realty has been licensed for over 40 years in the state of Texas and also holds a license in the state of California. Every one of our agents is qualified and licensed in the state of Texas in Real Estate Commission.